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How to Hang Curtains For Home Decor

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2021)

Curtains blocks cruel sunlight, provide privacy, help you achieve relaxing sleep and spruces up windows with colour and texture. They can as well complete the look of the room. You might think that hanging curtains is tricky but the truth is, as far as you have all the right tools and know the right steps, then you know how to hang curtains perfectly.

Whether you are looking forward to putting the finishing touches on your space, want to block out sunlight or don’t want to be an accidental exhibitionist, this guide is for you. It is meant to guide you on how to make the most of your window treatments and complete a room in style. Keep reading to learn more on how to hang curtains.

4 simple steps on how to hang curtains

Step 1: Assemble your tools and materials

You need to assemble everything you need to hang curtains, including; the curtains, curtain rod and hardware, tap measure, ladder, level, pencil, stud finder, safety glasses, wall anchors (if needed), iron, drill and drill bit.

Step 2: Determine the right spot to hang curtain rods

It is important to hang curtain rods in the right spot. Otherwise, your perfect length curtains might not hang well. A rod that rests too close to the window can make a big space seem smaller. To avoid all this, follow these steps for perfect placement.

  1. Take measurements of the depth of your window moulding to determine the best size for your curtain brackets. You will want curtain brackets that spread past the depth of your trim. In case they are too shallow, our curtains won’t hang well.
  2. Using a tape measure and a pencil, mark the desired position of your curtains brackets. Ensure the rod is about 4-6 inches above your window frame. By doing so, the curtains will slightly brush the floor or float just above it. Furthermore, the curtain brackets should be positioned about 6 inches from the outside edge of the window frame to let plenty of natural light. However, you can add more length if you want the curtains to pool.

Step 3: Mount curtain brackets

Mark the drill holes with a pencil for your brackets. All brackets should be placed at the height you had determined earlier and about 4-6 inches from the side of the window frame. By doing this, you will have enough space to open the curtains completely. Always confirm your pencil marks are level or else the entire window treatment will be crooked. You can use a stud finder to see if your brackets fall into line with studs. In case they don’t, you will want to mount wall anchors after drilling the holes. Also, the wall anchors are mounted when curtains are heavy.

Step 4: Mount rods and curtains

In case your curtains are straight out of the package, steam or iron out wrinkles and creases. Remove the finials as well from the curtain rod and thread the curtain onto the rod. You might need to place the rod into the bracket before replacing the finial although it depends on the type of bracket.

Furthermore, your bracket may have set screws to keep the rod in place. Therefore, you will want to tighten them once the rod is mounted. In case your curtains have large eye-holes, thread the rod through the openings. Finally, set the rod into the brackets to hang the curtains.

The Do’s and Don’ts when hanging curtains

Do use a simple template 

This is how to hang curtains like a pro. Use a simple template that makes sure you hang the curtain rod at the same height for each window, and that your curtain rods won’t be crooked. Also, use a level too if you live in an old house with less-than-ideal walls.

Do pick the right fabric that compliments the vibe of the room

Pick curtain fabric that suits the mood of the room as well as its function. Denser blends feel more formal and provide more privacy while lighter fabrics feel casual and filter light. Try something such as linen for a breezier feel during the summer or heavy velvet for drafty windows. Having this crucial knowledge means you know how to hang curtains and all that is required.

Don’t go very short

If you are not using café-style curtains, the fabric should fall to the floor. Conversely, a little puddling can be nice if you want a romantic feel, however, if you don’t want to worry about them dragging and getting dirty, then end the fabric just before they hit the floor. This is how to hang curtains in your home perfectly.

Don’t go very narrow

Pick a curtain rod that is wider than the width of your window. By doing this, you will have enough room for the panels to hang on both side of your window and will force the panels to cover the window every time. It as well tricks your eye into thinking the window is larger than it is. The thumb’s rule is to go 8 inches to 12 inches wider than your window. By observing this rule, it means you know how to hang curtains.

Do hang high

If the curtain rod is high, the window will appear tall, so you need to fix your curtain rod closer to the ceiling rather than to the top of your window if it is possible. The thumb’s rule is that they should rest 4inches to 6 inches above the window frame. By observing this rule, it means you know how to hang curtains.


Now that you know how to hang curtains, say goodbye to those bare windows. The curtains that you will hang,  will provide shade and privacy as well as helps you attain a restful sleep like never before. It will also spruce up boring windows. As far as you follow the four simple steps and avoid common mistakes that people do, you can do it like a pro. We hope this article has helped you learn everything you need to know when hanging curtains. Thank you for reading!

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